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Transcription Services

Whether you need an audio or a video to be transcribed, we are here for you. We provide the most accurate transcription services!

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Transcription Services

Whether you need a legal transcription service for a hearing, a transcription of a lecture to study later on again, or a transcription service for interviews that you shoot for your documentary; we provide the best and the most accurate service for you. We have a full team of transcribers which are eager to start on your projects.

Transcripts are easier ways to handle with audio/video so they are very popular in legal settings. Also, many teachers hire certified video transcription service to convert seminars for student’s reference. On the other hand, a certified audio transcription service is on-demand among media, business, and medical industry.

Why Up Translations?

We can provide you with a certified transcription service which involves a professional transcriptionist who is accurate in converting an audio/video file into text content. Audio or video transcription requires defined skills set. They need to use the exact verbatim, wording and deliver the exact content in less time.

Different accents are no problem! Our professional transcribers will work diligently on your files. Usually an hour of audio/video is being transcribed in about 5 hours and usually a minute of an audio equals to 150 words. Surely, we can transcribe your video or audio and if you need, we can then translate that transcription as well. And sure, we can provide you with a subtitling service too.

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