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Literary Translations

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Literary Translations

We know and understand that your literary piece cannot be translated into another language by a simple and basic translation. It should represent your story’s cultural message, worldwide appeal. The soul, passion, message, context and the tone of your script should be carried over to the target language. They are hard to translate directly, may not even exist in the target language or have too many options with slightly different nuances. The challenging part is to maintain a balance between precision and clarity to the target audience. Literature is often all about small differences and tastes, implications instead of explanations. A small word or a letter can cause a lot of mistakes and may take hours to find a good interpretation.

Why Up Translations?

A great translator is the most important part of your international endeavors. Let us review your document and help you handpick the best translator for your story, book or script.

The target language, country and the culture should always be accounted for. Hence the need of a professional localization and a translation service. We are very detail oriented and meticulous in what we do. We can help you with your subtitling and voice-overs as well. We have a professional and specialized team for that. Share your story with audiences all around the globe, with the help of our experienced, professional and skilled literary translators.

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